Feminine Hygiene

Westgate have been delivering quality cleaning services for over 13 years and have organically grown to incorporate Washroom services. Consistent with our working practices and workplace regulations, we understand the need to ensure that our customers are disposing of their sanitary waste products responsibly in line with current legislation.

As a licensed waste carrier Westgate ensure that all waste is incinerated in line with the Environmental Agency code of practice.  We dispose of hygiene/clinical waste using the latest technology.

Products & Services

As part of our service Westgate offer a wide range of products in varying designs and finishes. Whether you have a modern or classic style washroom, we can provide a selection that  compliment its style and finish.  We are committed to ensuring that we use environmentally friendly biodegradable enzymes in our units and also eco-friendly products where possible.

Some of the products that we offer are:

  • Sanitary Bins ( full range)
  • Nappy Services
  • Vending
  • Air Freshening
  • Urinal/WC Sanitiser
  • Hand Dryers
  • Hand towel Dispensers
  • Toilet Roll Dispensers
  • Soap Services
  • Water Management systems

Hand Dryers

Westgate provide a wide range of Hand Dryers from standard Stainless Steel to High Speed energy efficient models.

Hand Towel Dispensers

Due to noise and space restrictions in some environments, we appreciate it is not always possible to install hand dryers. Even those that claim to be noise free can sometimes still be inappropriate for your washroom setting. With this in mind, Westgate can supply a range of suitable Hand Towel Dispensers from standard Stainless Steel to start of the art.

Toilet Roll Dispensers

A range of Toilet Roll Dispensers can also be supplied and fitted.