The highest horticultural standard

Westgate are proud to maintain a wide variety of green spaces, throughout the year, to the highest horticultural standard; we know that first impressions count.

We ensure an aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe environment for your staff and visitors, whether it is the workplace, recreational areas, commercial spaces, school grounds, parks and open spaces.

Our staff are highly skilled in horticulture and environmental awareness, and are provided with on-site training to ensure they employ the best and safest working methods for your site.

We deliver a full array of horticultural and grounds maintenance services including:

Maintaining beds, shrubs and hedges and controlling weeds safely.

Mowing grassed areas around properties, sports fields and along verges.

Our experienced management team works seamlessly within your organisation to contribute meeting your objectives, ensuring health and safety, legal and regulatory compliance, contributing to sustainability, delivering value for money and upholding your reputation.