Caring for your premises

Having a clean building is about making a good impression, creating a welcome for visitors and clients, and maintaining a productive environment for your staff.  The way your space is presented speaks volumes and the responsibility for this will always start and finish with us. With our experience of managing service delivery ensures that you can maximise you time where it matters most – across your business.

Little and large

We clean a variety of buildings for all kinds of clients. Open-plan offices based on one floor, multi-story office blocks, multi-site organisations, corporate head offices, professional service companies, retail outlet chains and hairdressing salons.

With this range of experience, we can be flexible in our approach to the service we deliver across your premises.  In essence we are able to provide bespoke solutions which are specific to your requirements based on your business needs.

A partnership based on communication

At Westgate we understand the changing needs of your business and will work with you to provide solutions and partnerships that support your business. Our aim is always to build a genuine working relationship with you – based on trust, a close understanding of your needs, and the knowledge that we will deliver a quality service.